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Thanks Jo, I receive lots of comments about how much calmer Boris is now, so I believe we have made definite progress. We still need to work on his initial excitement when meeting people, especially if they come to the house, but that is often influenced by how the people behave! hope everyone enjoys the next course, best wishes.

Hi Jo,
My friend who came to walk them with me today was amazed at the difference since she saw them three weeks ago. Needless to say there were some hiccups during the walk (going bananas over the scent of a rabbit or cat...), but they also managed the same 'tricks' out on the walk on several occasions.
Grommit is giving me much more eye contact than before and out walking is regularly stopping to look back and check where I am. He was never bad at this before but I think he is becoming much more attentive.
Yee haa.
Thanks for doing this, it is much better than any of the other 'professional' trainers I have had previously. If I don't get where I want to be it will be due to me not practising rather than your coaching and training. 

Hi Jo, We enjoyed last night’s session again, really impressed that we got Lola playing with a ball in a field full of sniffs with other dogs being walked around her. Again get what you are saying that we cannot maybe control her grumbles at other dogs sometimes but getting her focus away from the others and ignoring them good, think you have to give things a try in the safe environment you have created to get the positive results ( although she is a keeper rather than a retriever ) . She likes the interaction and the evening is good stimulation for her, she sleeps all the way home !

Dear Jo,
Hayley and I really enjoyed our lesson today . Thank you so much for all your help with the dogs. The difference in the last three weeks has been absolutely unbelievable and the rate of progress beyond my expectations. I really appreciate your very practical advice and totally non judgmental manner. I feel much more confident in dealing with our dogs when out on walks and it's great to know that they can interact and play well with other dogs off the lead, and recall when necessary.
We took Pepper out to a very busy park with Hayley and her friend this afternoon and he was playing nicely with several other dogs. He seemed more relaxed and was squeaking less when dogs walked by. Fantastic!

This was the first time I have left my two German Shepherds at the Lumphanan Pet Hotel and I would not hesitate to leave them there in future.
My dogs spent four days staying at the kennels.
The owner is very professional, and knowledgeable, the kennel is very well run, and my two girls obviously had lots of walks and attention because they both slept all evening when I brought them home!
(She even did some “walking to heel” work with both of them).
The dog bedding was all washed for our return.
And the girls did not smell of “kennels” at all.
Very reasonable rates too.
I am delighted that they were so well cared for, and I am more than happy to recommend to others.

My nervous dog enjoyed the stay and loved Anna and Steve. Excellent clean, warm and modern facilities and care, I would not leave my dog in any other kennel.

Jo is the most amazing caring person, you couldn’t leave your fur babies in safer hands! She and her hand picked team take pride in their work and look after pets safe as anything .

After booking a late break and local kennels being unable to take my 2 boxers Gabby and George, I was happy to take the advice of a friend and book into Lumphanan Pet Hotel.

The conditions of the kennels are absolutely first class, and my dogs settled very quickly into their new "home" for the week. I'd happily recommend them to anyone looking to have their dogs looked after while they are away.

Great set up. Owner and staff very caring and always willing to go the extra mile. I’ve had lots of support from Jo with my “headstrong” pup and would highly recommend the pet hotel to others.

Highly recommend these kennels 100%. Dogs are always very happy to go back there and are really well cared for. Owner is a TRUE dog lover and the dogs know this. So nice to be able to go away with the peace of mind that my dogs are happy and being looked after properly

I have been using Lumphanan Pet Hotel for many years. Our dogs love going there and it’s a great pace for us as the routine is very close to what our dogs get at home. They are walked twice a day totalling one hour and this is a great part to the kennels. If you have unsocial dogs it’s a great place to board them as the walls of the runs out the back of the kennel are solid so the dogs do not see each other when they are in the outside part of their run.

Brilliant 1-2-1 session, learned loads and noticing a difference already! Helped me become more confident and gave me the tools to improve some bad behaviour!

Highly recommend! Jo did a fantastic job with my two labs who have a bad habit I never thought was ‘fixable’.
A wealth of knowledge & experience, calm & professional.

Really enjoying the puppy classes!.. Jo is very calm and firm and has a wealth of experience. My German Shepherd pup and I have a lot to learn still but it’s always a fun, social environment for us both especially during these current times! Would definitely recommend!

Our dogs often stay at Lumphanan Pet Hotel when we go on holiday. They love it and are always very well cared for. One of our boys has a chronic medical condition and Jo totally gets his needs and fulfils them completely. She is so kind and we are totally confident in her abilities. The dogs dash in to her facility and love their stay and we always feel happy leaving them there. It's great having such a great place to leave them knowing they are in safe hands!

Jo is just fantastic, she runs a wonderful home from home for your fur babies. She has been so kind during a very difficult time for me and has cared for my fur babies with love and understanding and has gone above and beyond what you would expect from an establishment of this kind. I have no hesitation at all in telling anyone that if you need to leave your fur babies for any reason then you cannot go wrong with booking then in here with Jo. Have a look at her page and see the videos, my pups are the Irish Setter and Standard Poodle, they are having a ball and won't want to leave of that I am sure. Thank you Jo, I shall be using you again for sure and will tell all I can about you.v

We took our dog Rio to Jo for a 1-1 session for advice and guidance on how to keep him calm and stop him being so reactive around other dogs. Within the space of an hour we had learned so much tips and things to try with Rio to take his attention off of other dogs and stay by our side. We got to try the skills out around her dogs and we were so surprised at Rio focusing more on myself and my partner rather than reacting to the other dogs. I would definitely recommend Jo to anyone that is looking for advice and guidance on training their dog, she was so knowledgeable and patient with us, making sure we had lots of practice. It was well worth £15!

So glad to see Jo again and my 2 Fur babies had a great time, Luna and Sasha were well looked after and 5 star kennels here as always, so can't wait to have them stay again, Jo the owner is very professional and loves the doggies, and feel very safe leaving them there, just a great place and they really love your dogs. 😄😄🐕🐕❤️

First time I have put our two dogs into kennels and was a bit apprehensive as they are both big excitable dogs that can be a handful at times but I needn't have worries as Jo was fantastic with them and they seemed to have really enjoyed their time there. Will book them in again when I have the need for it.

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