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I believe dogs (working and pet) are a very important part of our families and that they deserve our respect. Thus we should give them the care and leadership they need, which in turn is mirrored by our expectation that they should live within the boundaries we have (I call this ‘manners’).

Either in a series of sessions or in private individual lessons I aim to demonstrate that we can communicate this in much the same way that we communicate with other people in our daily lives; primarily by reward-based training and the control of resources and consequences of actions, for both the dog and yourself. We will also discover that it is acceptable to show displeasure at certain events but in a non-aggressive way. We will further find that we can encourage or suppress certain behaviours with both positive and negative reinforcement and thereby communicate with dogs in an affirmative way.

My Experience

I have a lifetime’s experience of, and boundless enthusiasm for, having well behaved and well-mannered dogs and have been working and training dogs, including rehabilitating rehomed dogs for 30 years. After growing up in a house that was passionate about working dogs I owned and trained my first gundog at the age of 12 and went on to successfully train and compete for many gundogs continuously over the next 15 years. I have also taught both dogs and handlers at gundog training classes and I have hands-on experience of hunting with Beagles and Bloodhounds. I have worked my own terriers and, professionally worked my own collies with sheep and had German Shepherds as house dogs.

*I am happy to give references of people who have attended the previous courses and are very pleased with the way they are able to think about how to communicate with their dogs.

Due to other commitments I am not running Communication Courses in 2019, but am always happy to help on a 1 -1 basis. Please email or phone for further information

Private lessons are held either at the pet hotel or at a location of your choice, to help you overcome any problems you might have, or set you on the right path to having a better line of communication with your dog(s). These are £20 per hour plus any travelling.

Dear Jo,
Hayley and I really enjoyed our lesson today . Thank you so much for all your help with the dogs. The difference in the last three weeks has been absolutely unbelievable and the rate of progress beyond my expectations. I really appreciate your very practical advice and totally non judgmental manner. I feel much more confident in dealing with our dogs when out on walks and it's great to know that they can interact and play well with other dogs off the lead, and recall when necessary.
We took Pepper out to a very busy park with Hayley and her friend this afternoon and he was playing nicely with several other dogs. He seemed more relaxed and was squeaking less when dogs walked by. Fantastic!


Hi Jo, We enjoyed last night’s session again, really impressed that we got Lola playing with a ball in a field full of sniffs with other dogs being walked around her. Again get what you are saying that we cannot maybe control her grumbles at other dogs sometimes but getting her focus away from the others and ignoring them good, think you have to give things a try in the safe environment you have created to get the positive results ( although she is a keeper rather than a retriever ) . She likes the interaction and the evening is good stimulation for her, she sleeps all the way home !


Hi Jo,
My friend who came to walk them with me today was amazed at the difference since she saw them three weeks ago. Needless to say there were some hiccups during the walk (going bananas over the scent of a rabbit or cat...), but they also managed the same 'tricks' out on the walk on several occasions.
Grommit is giving me much more eye contact than before and out walking is regularly stopping to look back and check where I am. He was never bad at this before but I think he is becoming much more attentive.
Yee haa.
Thanks for doing this, it is much better than any of the other 'professional' trainers I have had previously. If I don't get where I want to be it will be due to me not practising rather than your coaching and training. 

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