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Our 10 dog suites are light and spacious. Each bedroom is naturally light with a standard house door giving access to a secure corridor. Our guests have their own door to go in and out to their garden rooms which are 2.8m (9ft) long with views to the countryside beyond.

Our floors are tiled with slip-resistant tiles in natural colours and have thermostatically controlled underfloor heating with cool lying areas.

Our rooms are totally private, with sound insulated solid walls and ceilings, so your dog is not disturbed by other residents.

A radio is left on at all times.


We recommend that you bring along your dog’s bed and bedding as this will be a comfort to them and help them settle more easily. However, we are happy to provide a bed – we provide raised beds and blankets or traditional plastic beds – whichever bed type will make your dog feel most comfortable.


We supply both dry food and wet food for adult dogs but can’t guarantee what brand so if you prefer for your dog to stay on the same diet as at home we ask that you bring your own food. We have both a fridge and a freezer so can keep raw food etc for longer stays.

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